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Outdoor Study Group


Life isn't meant to be lived in isolation

We were created to do life together, not alone.

Get connected to a group and you'll be able to form closer relationships in small, relaxed settings. Different groups meet in homes, at church, and even virtually. Some meet in the mornings while others gather in afternoons and evenings. Groups all meet on different days so you can find one that works well with your schedule. 

Sometimes joining a group can feel like eating your vegetables, you know it's good for you but it can feel like a chore. Our goal is to help you find the right group where you can establish cherished relationships, be celebrated, and be challenged to grow.


Image by Joe Woods



A 10-week curriculum that explores foundational points of faith in an experiential way. If you are new or have yet to join a group; we believe Rooted is the best first group you can join. It's our hope that over the next couple of years that everyone who calls Foundry home will join a Rooted group.

These vary in how they meet, but the purpose is the same. We want the church in community and on mission--essentially, church is done best when it's done together. These groups meet in people's home, some at the church, and some virtually, some take a deeper dive into Sunday's teaching and other are Bible study focused.


Foundry celebrates corporate mission (how we align our church to follow Jesus) and personal mission (how you align your life to follow Jesus). We believe Younique is a great tool to provide clarity to your personal mission. This journey will explore your personality, abilities and passions and help you create a plan to live your life with intentionality.


Recovery groups meet people where they are hurting in life and provide a path forward. We have hope that Christ is not done with us yet.



Groups of volunteers that serve on a team for a ministry: kids, students, hospitality, facilities, etc.

Need help finding the right group? 

Let us know, and we'll help you find a good fit.
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